The world we are living in is pretty strange and ambiguous.

Bible tell us, that we live in a sad, fallen world because of our sin. But we prefer not to focused at that side of life. We try to consider this problem not from the point of view of imperfections of the surrounding, but from the position of our world perception.


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What to do first

What’s driving everyone anxious is this: no matter how hard you try, no matter how successful you are, no matter how good you are — it’s never enough. Our culture is rooted in high self-esteem — you have to be special, unique, and above average. The pressure is way too hard —most people believe they need permission to be kind and compassionate to themselves.

We need to embrace our negative emotions with love and care, and validate what ypur feelings are telling you.You can’t “be present” and accept what is by negating your negative emotions and only focusing on the positive. Because this is resistance to what is — what you are feeling right now. If you are denying negative emotions, you are denying a part of yourself.

Reflect on your values

We must learn to manage our presence by leading and living our lives in such a way that our actions are fueled by values that come from our core – our best inner person. Make the time to determine your values so that people around you will gain a more accurate impression of who you are, what you believe and why? What matters to you? What’s important?

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